For Designers & Manufacturers
  • Are you a manufacturer that maintains spare parts for
    your customers?
  • Are you a designer who has recently designed a
    replacement or spare part?
  • Do you own a spare part collection?

If you answered YES to any of these questions,

KAZZATA is the community for you! Join a community of

like-minded 3D designers and engineers who are already

revolutionizing the spare parts industry with 3D printing!

Instead of spending half a day buying a new knob, I just clicked and got a replacement knob delivered to my doorstep.

O. Jones, Indiana, USA

  • Send us photograph and description of the broken part
  • Our Pros will do their best to reconstruct the part
  • We'll send you back the design file so that you can 3D print it
  • Don't have a 3D printer? We'll help find a printer near you
As Seen In
The First Marketplace for 3D Printed Spare Parts
3D Printed Spare Parts: This Marketplace Wants to Spare You the Trouble. BY DENNIS MITZNER

Kazzata platform qualified for the 2015 FABulous 3D printing acceleration program funded by the European Commission.

One of the most practical applications for 3D printing is the use of the technology to replace spare parts. Read more... Finding and replacing spare parts can easily become a horribly tedious endeavor. Read more....  
About Kazzata

Kazzata is an online spare part marketplace & CAD file repository, making it dramatically easier to access obsolete or rare parts via 3D printing.

Revolutionizing the enormous spare part industry, Kazzata is  building the world’s most comprehensive online repository of CAD files for 3D printers. The Kazzata community brings consumers, manufacturers and designers into a virtual marketplace. Together, they gain unlimited access to a large variety of spare parts, simply by printing them in a local 3D printer! 

For consumers, trying to get a replacement for a rare or obsolete part of a beloved toy or broken appliance can be frustrating. For businesses, waiting for a missing part to be delivered to a production line can cost millions of dollars in lost manufacturing time. For 3D designers, it’s hard to reach end-customers to monetize your designs.

Kazzata provides a quick, low-cost and environmental-friendly solution to the spare part challenge.

3D Solution. 3 part Community:

  • Businesses: 
    Our manufacturing partners will send files directly to us and direct their clients to use Kazzata whenever they need a spare part. 
  • Designers:
    Our 3D designers and engineers provide original design files. 
  • Consumers:
    Our end customers will initiate demand for spare parts using Kazzata.

How It Works